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About The Book

Are you feeling stuck in your life and unsure of what steps to take next? Our powerful e-book provides you with the tools to look closely at every area of your life and ask very specific questions. With a structured process, you will gain clarity on the complex system of your life, allowing you to consciously take responsibility in each area and develop your own “best practices” to get closer to your ideal vision step by step.

By following the steps outlined in our e-book, you will develop your own personal formula for success that no online seminar or book program can offer. Through the power of creative writing, you will stimulate many regions of your brain and embed beneficial properties into a systematic process that helps you analyze all areas of your life.
This e-book will guide you through a transformative process that will open your eyes to what you can accomplish in all aspects of your life and how you can bring everything together. With this book, you gain access to a completely new way of transforming your life, where you are the main figure in the process that will change your life forever. Take the first step towards a better life today and get your copy of your e-book now.

Even if you usually don’t write, you will love this book! You are guided to the process of being the author your life’s new edition! You will be amazed at what flows from your pen, especially after a few days of writing!

What’s inside


Crack the Code

You start to split your life in sections


12 Chapters

With work pages to work through



The process and look at your life like a scientist


Structured roadmap

You get a well-structured six week roadmap



For writing your life’s new story



To discover how to make your dreams a reality

We devote ourselves to important questions, in 12 different areas of life.

 This contemplation, concerning different areas of your life, can cause a queasy feeling or even a state of great discomfort in you. However, when we courageously address the “bugs in our programming,” we experience fantastic things!


From early childhood, we are conditioned to place our focus on career and finances. Society constantly suggests to us that money and our job titles are the most important things.  We are taught that all other aspects of life must be subordinated to these dominant areas. If you experience success in only one or two areas of your life, that is not synonymous with a fulfilled life. Focusing solely on these dominant areas of life often leads to burnout and depression, because being human means so much more than that. Living the best life possible as our true selves is not a myth, but a real possibility if we remove the obstacles and create a clear vision.

Farewell to mediocrity

 The idea of truly giving equal importance to every aspect of life and following an ideal in every area is completely foreign to most of us. The idea of a fulfilling life in which every category is given equal consideration is deemed unattainable. There are a few examples of people who have managed to experience success and fulfilment across the entire spectrum of life. Yet such examples do exist, and this shows us that it is possible.

What is the recipe for a fulfilled life?

First of all, we need to be clear about what we want in each area. How do we define success for ourselves, detached from societal ideas?

Start with an intention

Writing down your ideal vision in a particular area of life can be painful because you may currently see yourself very far from it. But that’s exactly how you set a process in motion. Our brain works like a search engine. Once you’ve defined a clear goal, you’ll be amazed at what happens. Because suddenly you’ll have intuitions, you’ll have a clear idea of who you need to talk to get one step further, this opens another door, and so on. This is your Reticular Activating System in action. In short, you have set new search filters that allow impressions from your subconscious into consciousness.


 The Reality Loop



The idea of truly giving equal importance to every aspect of life and following an ideal in every area is completely foreign to most of us.  There are a few examples of people who have managed to experience success and fulfilment across the entire spectrum of life. Yet such examples do exist, and this shows us that it is possible.

I've read a ton of books, but this one is special because I'm involved in this interactive process. A wonderful experience that has changed my life.

Marco Mastrosanti, CEO Tecnoplast, Milan

This book touched me deeply because i learned so many things about myself that i was not aware of. It is upsetting and liberating at the same time. I am very grateful for this discovery!

Mirena Höger, Director of NOVA Language School

Never would I have thought it possible that I could look at my life in such a way and that it would trigger such a great change. An experience that everyone should have!

Maggie Jacob, Digital Nomand 

About the author

Trained as a textile engineer, I have spent most of my professional life working as a journalist. For a long time, my main focus was on virtual animation and all the techniques around it. In my current work as a digital marketer, too, search engine optimization is about making the invisible visible, about bringing to light what lies behind, what is hidden. That’s essentially what this book is about as well. After reading piles of books about neuroscience and the possibilities of the human brain, I wanted to create something to make the incredible latest findings of science in this field applicable. I have booked myself some video courses and online seminars in this field and had to realize that many do not survive in everyday life.

We must work out our transformation ourselves, otherwise it rolls off us and remains something imposed on us. The idea behind this book is to make a profound and sustainable change process accessible to everyone and for little money.

Christiane Reichwein

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